Kings Pond Shantymen
Kings Pond Shantymen

The Men

None of us have musical qualifications and most don't read music.  Some would say we can't sing either, but that doesn't stop us.

Captain Mike. Has introduced much new material of unrivalled misery including 'Six Feet of Mud', 'Grey Funnel Line', 'Ellan Vannin'. Mike is a top-end harmony specialist. In his working life he has serviced marine diesel engines so large that he could walk around inside 'em.
Long John. Founded the Kings Pond Shantymen in 2001. John hails from a strong nautical family background having a sister who was barmaid at "The Lord Nelson" pub. Leads on 'Paddy Lay Back' and many a drinking song including 'Bring Us A Barrel', 'Fatty Bacon', 'Good Ale'.
Jolly Roger. Don't be fooled by the nickname, he hasn't been jolly since the tough time he had as cabin boy. Roger is chief cook and quartermaster. You'll never go hungry with Roger around - when he talks about food, it's as good as eating it. Leads on 'Go to Sea no More', 'Mingulay', 'Lower Lights', 'Fathom the Bowl'.
Desperate Don. Has a good ship, that is well used for memorable shanty forays across The Solent to terrorise the residents of the Isle of Wight. He organises our expeditionary forces into France. Leads on 'John Kanakanaka', 'Fiddler's Green', 'Cape Cod Girls', 'Essequibo River'.
Net-mender Matthew. Following an unfortunate incident as a choirboy, he abandoned choral music and sank to such depths of vocal depravity he could only be a shanty-man if he was to sing at all. Earned his sea-legs on a calm crossing to the Isle of Wight in Don's boat. Leads on 'Hog-Eye Man', 'Stormalong John', 'The Bonny Ship the Diamond'.
Gunner Nigel. Legendary pyromaniac and infamous raconteur. Keeps an extensive collection of old rope and other nautical junk in his shed. He's a very sound man indeed when it comes to amplification. Leads on 'Haul Away Joe', 'Drunken Sailor'.
Old Nick. The divvle himself - he swings the lead in more ways than one. He loves sea fishing, sailing and scuba diving and has even been rescued by the RNLI. When he sings it brings people to tears. Leads on 'Maggie May', Chicken On A Raft', 'Ladies of Plymouth' and 'Captain of the Dredger'.
Zbys (pronounced 'spish'). We can't write his full name here as we'd run out of letters. Was lured away to the rum world of shanty from more formal choral singing. Quite a cunning linguist so he leads on 'Pique la Baleine', 'Le Capitaine de Saint Malo' and also 'Bullgine Run'.
Stormin' Norman. Was press ganged in 2012 and soon conquered the art of shanty. Used to be a lager and red-wine man but due to the training he lost his fear of the dark and can be seen supping ale these days. Sings 'No Hopers and Rogues' and 'When Johnny Comes Down to Hilo'.