Kings Pond Shantymen
Kings Pond Shantymen


We sing mainly sea shanties, seafaring songs and drinking songs.  There is in addition a smattering of folky stuff that has crept in - including Wassail Songs - as well as a few carols.  You can find background details of many shanties through the links page so we have not provided them here 'cos we is fat and lazy.

As the words of shanties vary according to personal preference, evolution and the original sources from which they were learned we have an 'Official Set of Kings Pond Worms' containing our full repertoire.

Below is a list of the songs we sing; you can also view the words from our Song Book (link opens in new tab/window) and where available play a sound or video clip.

Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy  
The Alabama  
Alabama John Cherokee
All for me Grog   Mike @ Liss Beer Festival
Auction Block  
Auckland to the Bluff  
Bay of Mexico   Mike @ Phoenix Beer Festival
The Beggars Song  
Blow the Man Down  
Bring us a Barrel   Roger @ Phoenix Beer Festival
Bullgine Run
The Bully Boat  
Bully in the Alley  
Canít ye Dance the Polka  
Cape Cod Girls
Le Capitaine de Saint-Malo
The Captain of the Dredger
Chicken on a Raft  
Cod Banging  
Come Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl  
The Diamond
Don't Forget your Old Shipmate  
Down Among the Dead Men  
A Drop of Nelson's Blood  
Drunken Sailor
Ellan Vannin  
Essequibo River
The Falcon  
Farewell Shanty  
Fathom the Bowl  
Fiddler's Green  
Final Trawl  
Glorious Ale   Matthew @ Conford 150th Anniversary
Go Down, you Blood Red Roses
Good Ale  
Goodbye Fare Thee Well  
Good Night Ladies  
The Good Ship Bess  
Go to Sea no More  
Grey Funnel Line  
Haul Away for Rosie O  
Haul Away Joe
Hearts Of Oak  
High Barbary  
Hogeye Man
Home From the Sea  
Home Lads Home  
A Hundred Years on the Eastern Shore  
John Kanaka  
Johnny Comes Down to Hilo
Keep Hauling  
Leave Her Johnny  
The Leaving of Liverpool  
Long Drag Shanty  
Lower Lights
Mad Maudlin's Search  
Maggie May  
Martin Said to His Man  
The Mermaid  
The Mermaid (Landlubbers)  
Mingulay Boat Song
The Napoli  
No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues
Oh Roll  
Old Maui   Matthew @ Phoenix Beer Festival
One More Day  
Paddy Lay Back
Pay Me My Money Down  
A Pint of Old Peculier  
Pique la Baleine  
Rattling Winches  
The Rio Grande  
Roll that Cotton
Roll the Woodpile Down  
Rollicking Randy  
Rolliní Down the River  
Rolling Home  
Rosa's Lovely Daughters  
The Roseabella  
Row On Row On  
A Sailor ain't a Sailor  
Sally Brown  
Shallow Brown  
Six Feet of Mud  
Sixteen Fishermen Raving  
The Smugglers Song  
South Australia  
Spanish Ladies  
Stormalong John  
Sugar in the Hold   <
Thousands or More  
Tommy's Gone to Hilo  
The Transportsí Shanty  
Waiting for the Day   Mike @ Phoenix Beer Festival
Whip Jamboree  
The Wild Goose  
Won't You Go My Way  
Yankee Clipper  
The Young Sailor Cut Down in His Prime  
Carols - on 2 pages  
Newdigate Wassail  
Here we come a'Wassailing  
Wassail the Silver Apple  
Wassail! Wassail! All Over the Town  
Wassail Song  
Mummers' Song